V-rings rotate with the shaft. In this way they seal the counter face in axial and vertical direction. Due to the versatility of the uses for V-rings, the counter face can be formed. This, for example, by:

  • the housing itself
  • a housing cover
  • a pressed plate
  • the front of a roller bearing outer race
  • the metal stiffening ring of a radial shaft seal ring

V-rings VA, S, L – V-Seal NBR – Viton – Epdm – Neoprene – V-ring


The function of a V-rings / V-seals is to make a rotating shaft dust-tight and thus protect your bearings. It is clamped on the shaft and the sealing lip rotates against the housing.

When the shaft is stationary, the sealing lip rests against the counter face with an initial pressing pressure. With the beginning of rotation of the shaft, the centrifugal force acts in radial direction on the pressing pressure with increasing peripheral speed.
From a circumferential speed of approx. 15-20 m/s, the lip starts to lift off the counter face and the pressing pressure drops to zero. The friction losses increase almost linearly with increasing circumferential speed up to approx. 10 m/sw. Between 10 and 12 m/s, the friction losses start to decrease and fall in the range of 15-20 m/s to zero.
The sealing action of a V-ring is based on the contact between sealing lip and counter face and furthermore on the swinging effect due to the rotation of the V-ring. From the moment the sealing lip lifts at a very high circumferential speed, the V-ring acts as a gap seal and flinging disc.

Type V-Seal V-ring – V-rings V-Seals:

VA, A, VS, S, VL, L
V-Ringen types


NBR, Epdm, Viton FKM FPM, Neoprene CR, Polyurethane PU


Pumps, Motors, Electric Motors, Axles

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions (formerly Busak & Shamban)Type A, S, L, LX, RM, RME, AX, Gamma Seal

Brands V-ring / V-Seal:

Acla v-ring, Stefa Forsheda, Gapi, Macma, Parker, Hallite, Trelleborg ( Busak Shamban ), Merkel Freudenberg v-seal, Eriks, Polypac, NAK, NOK, Kaco, Ebele, Gaco, Hunger, Evco, Nordex, Dichtomatik, Hecker, James Walker.

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