What are gaskets?

Gaskets are elements or constructions used to fill a space or to prevent liquids or gases from penetrating or entering (leakage). For this purpose, the gasket consists of a material that deforms more easily than the parts that need to be sealed, so that it provides the desired seal when clamped. Depending on the application, a gasket is made from:

  • Rubber ( NBR – Viton – Epdm – SBR )
  • Rubber cork Gasket
  • Felt Gasket / Felt Washer / Felt Rings
  • Oil paper packing material
  • Asbestos-free fiberboard / sheet gasket
  • PTFE / Teflon Seal
  • Hard fiber (celleron) and hard paper (pertinax)
  • Graphite Nail Plate
  • Fiber
  • Mica

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