Rod seals

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We deliver worldwide each brand rod seal and size! If we do not have it on stock … we know where the stocks are or come with a 100% alternative!


Rod seals ( Metrich – Inch ) Seal for Hydraulics Pneumatics

Stangafdichting inbouw


Mainly NBR, Viton, Epdm, Hnbr, Polyurethane, Ptfe and also UHMW-PE. You can always request other active ingredients.

Piston rod – rod seal applications:

Hydraulic cylinders, Pneumatic cylinders.

Piston rod seal brands :

Rod seals cuffs, rod seal, nutring, stangendichtung, rod seal, tsnní pístnice, stangtætninger, varren tiiviste, joints de tige, stelo. juntas de vástago, rod tetninger, kolvstångstätningar, vedações de haste, Seal, sealing, joint,dichtung, σφραγδα, guarnizione and also sello.

Hallite Stangafdichting Hallite

  • Rod Seal Rod Seal Hallite HH ® Hydraulic Seal Type: 13, 16, 18, 605, 610, 616, 620, 621, 631, 652, 653, 663.
  • Work materials Hallite ® Rod Seals: NBR, Polyurethane, PUR, Polyester, Ptfe, Teflon, Red, Blue and also Black.

Kaco Stangafdichting Kaco

  • Rod seal seal Rod Seal Kaco ® Pneumatic seal;
  • Working materials Kaco ® Rod Seals Rod Seals: NBR, ACM, VMQ, FKM and also FPM.
  • Rod seal / Rod Seal Trelleborg Sealing Solutions ® (formerly Busak & Shamban ®) Turcon seals: Stepseal 2K, VL-seal. Glydring RG, Glydring-T, AQ-Seal, Double-Delta, Variseal M2. Zurcon seals: Rimseal, L-cup, U-cup, RU0, RU2, RU3, RU6, RU9. Polypac seals: Balsele and also Selemaster SM.
  • Materials / Compounds Trelleborg Sealing Solutions ® ( formerly Busak & Shamban ® ) PTFE / TEFLON ( TURCON ): T01, T05. T10, T12, T16, T19, T24, T25, T29, T40, T42, T46, T47, T51, T52, T59, T78, T99, M12, Q2J, MO2, M83, PUR (ZURCON): Z201. UHMWPE (ZURCON): Z20, Z22, Z24, Z43, Z431, Z48, Z51, Z52, Z80 Elastomer: NBR, FKM, HNBR, EPDM and also FFKM.

 Stangafdcihting FST

  • Rod Seal Rod Seal U-Cuff Merkel Freudenberg CFW ®; LF 300, NI 150, NI 250, NI 300, NI 400, N1, AUN 1, N100. AUN 100, T20, T22, T23, T34, TM 20, TM 23, Syprim SM, TMP 20, OMS MR PR S, KI 310, KI 320, S 8, TFMI, ES, ESV Stacking kit. V1000 gasket, DIP, FOI, NIPSL, NIPSL 200, NIPSL 210, NIP-SL 300 310 320 SF, Airzet PR.
  • Material Merkel Freudenberg CFW ® Rod Seals Rod Seals: PU, Polyurethane, Ptfe, Canvas, NBR, Viton, HNBR, 95auv149, 95auv925, 95 auv 149, 95auv925 and also Disogrin.

Eriks stangafdichting Eriks

  • Rod Seal, Rod Seal Eriks RX ® : 900, 2001, 0020, 0022, 9011, 0008, 0010, DVSS, DVVS, 0710, 0720, 0300, Omniseal ®.
  • Work material Eriks RX Rod Seals Rod Seals ®: NBR, Viton ®, FKM, FPM, EPDM, PU, AU, Polyurethane, Brass, Stainless Steel and also Ptfe.


  • Rod seal, Rod Seal, Joint de Tige polypack, Stangendichtung SSI Polypac ® Sealtech ® : B, B/NEI, CH, DAS, CH1, CH2, CIM. DDI, DDIM, DH, DU, DUM, EU, EU/I, EU/NEI, EUS, EUS/C, EUS/I, EUS/NEI, IBF, I/GR A B, MU, NPSL, NPSL-P, RS , RS L LA, SM, TS L LA, VOR, VVR.
  • Working materials SSI Polypac ® Sealtech ® Rod seals , Rod Seal ,Joint de Tige polypack, Stangendichtungen : NBR, HNBR, MVQ. FPM, Epdm, Viton, Ptfe, PT01, PT, Polyurethane, PUR, Canvas, AU, HDPE, PA, PF, PBTP, PU02, PU05, PU08, PU10, PU12, PU14, PU20, PU21, PU22, PU23, PU25, PU26, PU27, PU30, PU40, White, Green, Black and also Brown.

PARKER Parker Stangafdichting

  • Rod seal Rod Seal U-Cuff Stacking set Parker ® ( PDF) Prädifa Hydraulics Pneumatics Type: B3, BS, BU, BA, BD, C1, C3, C5. C9, CR, E5, E7, E8, E9, EL, EM, EP, EU, EV, GC, JA, M0, M2, M3, M5, OE, ON, Q2, Q3, R3, Z9, ZJ, W1, W2, W3, Y3, Y4, T Seal, gasket.
  • Work materials Parker ® ( PDF) Prädifa Rod seals Rod Seals : NBR, Polyurethane, Viton, HNBR, Ptfe, Canvas, Rubber, FKM. FPM, Black, Brown, Green P5008, P5009, P6000, P5004, P5000,P5001, P5062, P5075, P5007, P5070, P5011, P5080, P5010, P5012. P4300, P5500, N3571, N3570, N3578, N3580, N3584, N3582, E3676, E8536, E8608, V3664, V3656, V3638, V368, Z4017, PE.

Hunger Stangafdichting Hunger

  • Rod seal Stangendichtung Hunger ®: TDI, EVD, TDD, NDT, TDMI, GGDI, GGDI-SP, ZSDI, GODI, GDSI, GODI-SP, GODI-SPE Hunger.
  • Ingredients Hunger ® Rod seals Rod seals: NBR, PU, Ptfe, POM Plastic, PA 6, PA-CF, UHMW PE, PEEK, Hytrel, MVQ, FPM, FMVQ, Yellow and also Red.


  • Shaft seal Rod Seal Evco ®: 160, 170, GT, JAM, PSE, TB, TTI, TTS-L, TTX.
  • Material Evco ® Shaft seals: Ptfe, Teflon, PU Polyurethane, AU and also NBR.

Dichtomatik Stangafdichting Dichtomatik

  • Rod seal Cuff Stangendichtung Dichtomatik ®: SDR 01, SDS 01, S01, SN 05 S05, SN 21, MA21, SN 25, MA25, SN 36, MA36. SNI 07, S07, SNI 24, MA24, SNI 39, MA30, SNI 39, MA39, SNI 43, MA43, SNI 73 73, SPOR 30, S30, SPOR 31 and also S31.
  • Work material Dichtomatic ® Rod seals Cuff Rod seals : NBR Rubber 90 30 06 (903006), Epdm, PUR TPU 95 34 01 (953401) Poly-urethane Ptfe, Canvas, Teflon bronze graphite, Colours; blue and also black.


  • Piston Rod Rod Seal Rod Seal U-Cuff Hecker GSM ® : UG 1 2 , UG1, UG2, UR 1 2 , UNX7, UNI 1 2 3 P, UNI1, UNI2, UNI3. UNX, UNX1, UNX2, ST1, UGA 1 2 3, UGA1, UGA 2, UGA3, UGA 4, UGA5, NK1, UK1, UD1, NOI1, NOA1, DS4 W WB WS, UES 1 2 3, UES1 P, EUS2, UES3, PKK, PKK1 and also Hecker.
  • Work materials Rod seals Rod Seals Hecker Werke GSM ®: Gummi, Rubber, NBR, Ptfe, PU, AU and also Gi.


  • Rod Seal Cuff Rod Seal Nordex ®: ARUP, AWNS, ARAN, RU2, RU3, RUB, L-Cup.
  • Working materials Piston rod Rod sleeves Rod Seal Nordex ®: PU, AU and also Polyurethane.

James Walker

  • Rod Seal Rod Seal Stacking Kit James Walker Lionsele ®: Twinset, Lowfilm HD, Lionsele G, U-Ring, W3.
  • Materials James Walker ® Rod seals Rod Seals Stacking set: NBR, Polyurethane, PU and also Canvas.

Claron Stangafdichting Claron

  • Rod Seal, Rod Seal Claron ®: CP, P, GP, PRU, PFU, CPI, PEI. PV, PVM, PDS, EGS, CPU F, CPG, CPS, CPUI, CPGI, HBI, CS6, 741.751, CS1, CS3, HBT, HBTY, DSI, PFU, PRU, PDI, PRF, PFD, PFI, PFC Hat cuff.
  • Material Claron ® Rod seals Rod Seals: NBR 70 shore, NBR 90 shore, AU and also Polyurethane.


  • Rod Seal, Rod Seal SKF CR Economos Seal Jet®: SIL, TIL, TICLA, GS, SG, AG, SKY, UN, SI, TI, TILA, S, GL, CH 5, CH 7, STR, RI.
  • Working materials SKF Economos Sealjet ® Rod seals Rod Seals : Ecopur, H, G, T, X, S, XH, XS Ecopur, TPU, CPU, NBR, HNBR, Green, red, blue, black and also grey.


  • Rod Seal, Rod Seal Guarnitec Technotex Technolan ®: TSE AI, TGO, GT 5 7, GT5, GT7, PSE, PSE-K, TTS, TTS/L, TTS L AI, TTI, TTI/L, TTI L AI, TTH, TTX, TLI, SSI, GUA, GIR.
  • Material Guarnitec Technotex ® Rod seals Rod Seal: AU, PU, NBR and also Rubber Metal.


  • Rod sleeve Rod Seal Kastas ® : K, 01, 04, 22, 29, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 96, 701, K01, K04, K22, K29, K31, K32, K33, K34 , K35, K37, K38, K96, K701.
  • Active substance Kastas ® Rod U Cuffs, Rod Seals : PU, NBR, Steel, Polyurethane and also Rubber.

DLI Stangafdichting Stangafdichting DLI

  • Rod Seal Rod Seal DLI ® : MD/ID P, MDR, MD ID E. MGD/IGD P, MGD E, MU/IU E, MU IU RF FF, MUP/IUP, GPI, GPX, GPU, MUP I, MGM IGM , MV/IV, SAS and also SAL.
  • Materials DLI ® Rod seals Rod Seals: NBR, Cotton, TPU, Polyester and also Canvas.

Angst en Pfister Stangafdichting

  • Rod Seal Rod Seal Steli Stelo Angst and Pfister ®: Lubroseal, LDIMC, LS8C, LS25C, L9492C, LSMC, LT20C, LOMSC and also LESC.
  • Angst and Pfister rod seals Rod Seals ®: Nitrile NBR, PUR AU and also Teflon Ptfe.

  • Rod seal, Rod Seal JM Clipper (Johns Manville) ®.
  • Materials JM clipper (Johns Manville) ® Rod seal Rod Seal: FPM, NBR.

Bal Seal Stangafdichting

  • Rod Seal Balseal ®.
  • Material Balseal ® Rod Seal Balseal ®: UHMW PE, Ptfe Glass Moss, Fiber Carbon, TA, G, GC, GFP, GFPM, GL, SP, UPC and also FDA.
  • Other Seals: Pneumatic rod seal KI N 891, 897.


Hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic cylinders, steering cylinder, Zylinder. single acting agricultural cylinders, Low friction, Spring cylinder, Suspension, Hydraulik, Pneumatik, double acting underwater cylinder. telescopic cylinder, telescopic cylinder, Crane, Earthmoving, Excavator, Atlas, O&K, Neuson, Volvo, Fiat, Fuchs, Hitachi, JCB and also Caterpillar.

Cylinder factories:

Bosch Rexroth, ABS, Buter, Wassenaar, Uniparts Kavee, WDH, Montan, Evergreen, Vremac, Hänchen, Eaton, Hydrowa. Parker, Hydropa, Intergral, ASI, Staudt, Oudshoorn, Weber, Enerpac, A4, HyLu, Flexion. Festo, Parker, Norgren, Asco Joucomatic, Emerson, Norgren, Camozzi, Metal Work en ook SMC.

All brands at a glance:

Hallite, Kaco, Trelleborg Busak – Shamban B L, Merkel, Polypac, Hunger, Evco, Dichtomatik, Hecker, Nordex. James Walker, JM Clipper, Balseal, Claron, Economos Seal Jet, Guarnitec, Parker Prädifa PDF, Kastas, DLI, Angst & Pfister, Eriks RX, Sakagami. Poly-pak, Hegetu, Macma, Sealtech, NAK, Vota, Hercules, Ebele, Joyner, CR Chicago Rawhide, Snijders, NOK, Advanced Products, Kimman. Hercules, Polypack, Dowty, Sealparts, Profiltra, Skega, Forsheda, Stefa, Furon Saint Gobain, Sikkufit en ook DZ Ding Zing Seals.

More information or a quote? More information or a quote for:

Hydraulics, hydraulic, hydraulique, hydraulik, hidráulica, idraulica, υδραυλικς, pneumatics, Pneumatic, pneumatique, pneumatic. pneumatik, πνευματικς, pneumatico, neumático, rod seal, nutring, stangendichtung, rod seal, tsnní pístnice, stangtætninger. varren tiivist. joints de tige, stelo, Juntas de vástago, stang tetninger, kolvstångstätningar, vedações de haste, Seal, sealing, joint,dichtung. σφραγδα, guarnizione and also sello.

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