Pipe nets

Pipe nets, also known as Plastic net stocking or protective net, can be used to protect shafts, Pipes, bottles and other round and conical products.


What is Pipe Net?

Pipe net is a kind of protective layer with a net structure. Pipe netting can be used to protect and/or clamp different types of products, but mainly pipes. Think, for example, of your aluminum pipes or metal pipes. Tubular nets are available in different diameter sizes and are made of plastic. For example, pipe nets are available for every thickness that your pipe can have. Pipe nets are also available in different lengths. Pipe net is easy to cut or cut, so that you have exactly the length of pipe net for your length of pipe.

How is a Pipe Net used?

A pipe net is easy to slide around a pipe or other product. You can easily cut the pipe net to the length you need. This also allows you to easily determine how much you protect with a pipe network. We have also cut tubular nets to size. Pipe nets that have already been cut into pieces for you, you don’t have to do anything about that anymore, they are ready for use.

You can easily slide a tube net around the article and provide a light protective layer. By using pipe nets, you protect your ashes or product and you also save a lot of space. The pipe nets come in different colors and different stretch ranges. For example, we have a protective net for all diameters.

The net stockings are supplied on a roll of 50m to 300m. This plastic net is the ideal packaging for your products because it fits perfectly around your material. We can also supply pipe nets that have been requested to measure. These sizes can be requested from us per metre.

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