Metal Seals

Why use a metal O-ring – V-ring – C-Ring

  • Seal to a temperature of 750 degrees Celsius
  • Pressures from 500 MPA to ultra high vacuum
  • Extremely resistant to corrosion and nuclear radiation
  • Diameters from 5 mm to 7 meters internally

Metal Seals – O-ring – V-ring – C-Ring

The ability of metal to act as a seal is based on a relatively high contact pressure at the seal line and the elasticity of the metal seal itself.

At higher pressures, the sealing capacity will be even more enhanced. The sealing force also depends on the choice of seal type, material type and material thickness.

To create an even better seal, metal seals, o-rings, c-rings, v-rings are provided with a coating, plating or a coating such as; silver ( Silver ), gold ( gold ), Nickel ( Nickel ), Tin, Indium, PTFE, Teflon.

Wills Rings:

Wills Rings® O is a metal O-ring used to seal static flange conditions. The Wills Rings O provides reliable sealing of all gases and liquids in a wide temperature range. The double acting Wills Rings® O can seal extremely high pressures and vacuum. Long service life and excellent corrosion resistance are also hallmarks of Wills Rings® seals. Available in pressure filled, solid, hollow and system pressure activated steel, copper, Iconel® 600 materials. The rotating and reciprocating Wills Rings O can be plated with silver, nickel or polytetrafluoroethylene. The Wills Rings have a temperature range of 850 degrees Celsius. They have a pressure range of 1,000 MPa (145,000 PSI). There is a wide selection of dimensions and sizes.

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Metal O-Ring – Pressure inside

Metal O-ring – Pressure from the outside

Metal C ring – Pressure inside

Metal C ring – Pressure from outside

Metal V ring – Pressure inside

Metal V ring – Pressure from the outside

Metal C ring with spring – Pressure from within

Metalen C ring met veer – Druk van buiten

Applications of metals, metal, o-ring, c-ring, v-ring, Enerring, Enerrings, gasket, gaskets, seal, seals.

Vacuum and ultra-high vacuum, Plastic molding, Hotrunner, Accelerators, versnellers, Research laboratories, Reactors, and nuclear installations, Reactoren en nucleaire installaties, Diesel and other engines motoren, Aerospace, luchtvaart, ruimtevaart, Oil and petrochemical industries, olie en gas winning, Hydraulics Hydrauliek, Valves, Afsluiters, pumps, pompen, Pomp, compressors, Turbines, Boilers and heat exchangers, Warmtewisselaars, Chemical industries, Chemische industrie, Iron and steel industries,

  • All applications where the use of elastomer seals are restricted by temperature, corrosion, radiation, pressure, gas permeability and life requirements.
  • Alle toepassingen waar geen gebruik gemaakt kan worden van rubber dichtingen, o-ringen, afdichtingen. Problemen met teperatuur, corrosie, straling, gas doorlaatbaarheid.

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