Guide Rings

The function of guide rings or guide band for hydraulics and pneumatics is to support the piston and rod for any side load (lateral forces). It also prevents metal-to-metal contact.


Guide Rings – Guide Tape – Phenolic Teflon Fabric POM PE


We supply every brand and size! … if we don’t have it in stock, we will know where it is in stock, or come up with a proposal for a 100% alternative!

We deliver each brand and size! If we do not have it on stock … we know were the stocks are or come with an 100% alternative!

Active materials guide Rings:

Ptfe, Teflon Bronze Graphite, POM, Tissue, Phenolic, UHMW-PE, Celeron, Ferrozel, Novotext, Tufnol.


Rod Piston Hydraulic cylinders, Pneumatic cylinder rods, Pumps, Shafts Steel, Hard chrome, Stainless steel, Ceramic coatings

Brands guide rings guide band:

geleidingsring hallite Geleideringen

  • Guide rings Guide band Lining ring Wear Strip Hallite ® Hydraulics Type: 87, 506, 553
  • Materials Hallite ® Piston Rod Guide bands : Polyester, Ptfe, TPE, PA, Nylon, Teflon Bronze Graphite , Red, Blue, Brown and also Black.

Geleideringen Kaco

  • Guide rings Guide band Kaco ® Pneumatics;
  • Active ingredients Kaco ® Guide rings Guide band :

Geleideringen trelleborg

  • Guide Ring / Guide Band / Slydring ® Trelleborg Sealing Solutions ® ( formerly Busak & Shamban ® ) PTFE (TURCITE): T47, T51, T59. UHMWPE (ZURCON): Z80. POM/PA/glass filled (HiMod): 61,62,63. ORKOT : C380, C320 and also C932.

Geleideringen freudenberg simrit merkel

  • Conduction ring Conduction band Merkel Freudenberg Simrit CFW ®; SB, KB, SF, SBK, SK, EKF, K, KBK, FRI and also FRA.
  • Materials Merkel Freudenberg Simrit CFW ® Guide bands Guide strip Lining rings: Hard fabric, Phenolic, POM, PTFE Bronze, Polyamide and also PA.

Geleideringen eriks

  • Guide Ring and Guide Belt Hydraulics Pneumatics Eriks RX ® : Powerslide ®, Eriflon ®, SF, EPGI, EPGU, KB, SB.
  • Work materials Eriks RX Guide bands piston guide band rod ® : Powerslide ® , Guivex ®, T100G, ER39, PTFE, Teflon, POM and also PE.

Geleideringen polypac

  • Guide ring Guide tape Polypac ® Sealtech ®: WR, E/DWR, I/DWR.
  • Materials Polypac ® Guide bands Guide tape : POM.


  • Guide rings Guide strip Guide Ring Hydraulics Pneumatics Parker ® ( PDF) Prädifa Type: Polon, F1, F2, F3, FP and also FR.
  • Work materials Parker ® ( PDF) Prädifa Guide bands Guide strips : Ptfe, Teflon, Polon ® 025, 033, 314, Q5029, Q5038, POM, Polyacetal, PA and also PEI.

Geleideringen hunger

  • Rod Piston Guide Ring Führungsband Hunger ®: FI, FAI, FA, RFI, RFA and also PFB.
  • Ingredients Hunger ® Conductor ring Führungsband : UHMW PE, Ptfe Bronze, Rein, Glass, POM and also PA.

Geleideringen evco

  • Guide Rings Guide Band Lining Ring Bearing Strip Ring Evco ®: EV85, PO55.
  • Work materials Evco ® Guide ring, Guide band, Bearing Strip : Ptfe, Phenolic, Dynaflon.

Geleideringen dichtomatik

  • Guide band Führungsband Führungsringe Dichtomatik ®: FB 01, FB 05, FRK 01, FRK 05, FRS 01, FRS 05, FRS 06.
  • Work materials Dichtomatic ® Führungsband Führungsringe : Hard tissue, Phenolic, Teflon, Ptfe, POM and also HG.

Geleideringen hecker

  • Guide rings Führungs band Führungs ringe Hecker GSM ® : KFS, KF, S, KF1-S, KFK, KF, K, KF1-K.
  • Work materials Piston Rod Guide bands Guide belts Hecker Werke GSM ®: Euraflon ®, Teflon and also PTfe.

Geleideringen james walker

  • Guide tape rings , Wear tape, Bearing strip Guide tape James Walker Lionsele ® : B1, B2.
  • Materials James Walker ® Guide bands tape, Wear tape Bearing Strip : Fabric, Ptfe bronze.

Geleideringen balseal

  • Guide Ring Band Balseal Spring Spring ® : SX.
  • Materials Balseal ® Guide Ring Band Balseal Springs Veren ® : UHMW PE, Ptfe Glass Moss, Fiber Carbon, TA, G, GC, GFP, GFPM, GL, SP, UPC and also FDA.

Geleideringen claron

  • Guide Ring and Guide Belt Claron ® : EBR, IBR, BT, CT, BGF, PBR.
  • Materials Claron ® Guide band : POM, PA Glass and also PTFE bronze carbon.
Geleideringen skf.
  • Guide Ring and Guide Belt Liner Rings SKF Economos Seal Jet® :
  • Working materials SKF Economos Sealjet ® Guide ring, Tape, Rings, Guide bands : Ecopur, POM, Black and also Grey.

Geleideringen guarnitec

  • Guide rings Anelli di Guida Guarnitec Technotex Technolan ® : AGI, AGE, AFI, AFE, TF, TEF.
  • Material Guarnitec Technotex ® Anelli di Guida Guide band :POM, Glass Fiber, Acetal, Phenolic Fabric.
Geleideringen kastas.
  • Guide Ring and Guide Belt Kastas ® : K70,
  • Active substance Kastas ® Guide rings Guide tape : Polyacetal, POM

Geleideringen DLI

  • Guide Ring and Guide Belt Seal DLI ® :
  • Active ingredients DLI ® Guide rings Guide tape :

Geleideringen Angst Pfister

  • Kolben Stange Guide rings Guide band Angst and Pfister ® :
  • Active ingredient Angst and Pfister Kolben Stange Guide band ® : ES56130/ES56131/ES56132/ES56133/ES56134/ES56135/GS56140/GS56142/GS56143/ GS56144/GS56145/GS56141/GS56130/GS56131/GS56135/GS56135/GS56135/GS56135

Geleideringen Polilas

  • Guide Ring and Guide Belt Polilas ® :


Hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic cylinders, steering cylinder, single acting agricultural cylinders, Spring cylinder, Hydraulik, Pneumatik, double acting underwater cylinder, telescopic cylinder, telescopic cylinder. Crane, Earthmoving, Excavator, Atlas, O&K, Neuson, Volvo, Fiat, Fuchs, Hitachi, JCB and also Caterpillar.

Cylinder factories:

Bosch Rexroth, ABS, Buter, Wassenaar, Uniparts Kavee, WDH, Montan, Evergreen, Vremac, Hänchen, Eaton, Hydrowa. Parker, Hydropa, Intergral, ASI, Staudt, Oudshoorn, Weber, Enerpac, A4, HyLu, Flexion, Festo, Parker, Norgren, Asco Joucomatic, Emerson. Norgren, Camozzi, Metal Work en ook SMC.

All brands at a glance:

Hallite, Kaco, Trelleborg Busak C320, C380 – Shamban, Merkel, Polypac, Hunger, Evco, Dichtomatik, Hecker. Nordex, James Walker, JM Clipper, Balseal, Claron, Economos, Guarnitec, Kastas, DLI, Profiltra, Angs & Pfister, Polilas, Eriks Powerslide. Sakagami, Poly-pak, Hegetu, Macma, Sealtech, NAK, Vota, Hercules, Ebele, CR, Snijders, NOK, Kimman, Sealparts en ook Hercules.


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