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GLT & LHG has been engaged in plain bearing technology for over 40 years. In Europe, GLT is one of the largest suppliers. In addition to fully rigid plain bearings / cylinder liners, they also offer those that flexibly dampen the movements of the shaft with the help of lubricants. The range consists of cylinder liners/slide bearings made of steel, plastic and bronze.


What are plain bearings?

Bearings and cylinder liners are the counterpart of the well-known ball bearings. Motion applications with bearings can be found in all industries, such as: slow and fast applications, light and heavy applications, abrasive and clean applications. Every industry has its own preference for a type of bearing, and every application has its own preference for specific variants. Examples include roller bearings, ball bearings or slide bearings such as composite slide bearings or bronze slide bearings.


  • Bronze
  • Bronze / PTFE
  • Niro / PTFE
  • PTFE / Steel
  • Bronze / Steel
  • POM / Steel
  • Sinterbronz
  • C67
  • Spring steel 55Si7

Bronze Plain Bearings:

The most important property of bronze bearings is that these slide bearings must be lubricated. When properly lubricated, these bearings can withstand very high loads.

Steel Pom Plain Bearings:

POM plain bearings have been developed for lubricated applications and consist of three layers: a steel jacket and a sintered bronze layer impregnated and overlaid with polyacetal (POM) bearing material. The steel jacket provides the mechanical strength and the sintered bronze layer provides a strong connection between the steel jacket and the running layer. POM plain bearings are designed for grease lubrication applications and the running surface is normally provided with a pattern of grease pits that serve as a reservoir for the grease.

Sinter bronze plain bearings:

The most important property of sintered bronze slide bearings is that the bearings are mainly suitable for hydrodynamically lubricated conditions, i.e. high speeds. due to Due to the porous structure, there is a lubricating medium in the material, which gives the material self-lubricating properties.

Application areas:

  • Offshore – Oil Rigs
  • Inland shipping – Ships
  • Civil engineering – Bridges/locks
  • Agriculture – Hydraulics
  • Machine construction – Food industry
  • Construction Building – Cranes

In our range we have plain bearings as well as thrust washers or sliding bushes from GLT/LHG. We offer a range of more than 7000 different sizes.

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