Techniparts supplies the best sealing gaskets! Seals or gaskets are used to fill a space. Liquids and gases can leak out and in, this can be prevented by the seals and gaskets. The material of the seal consists in most cases of rubber, fiberboard or plastic. The materials must be more flexible than the parts to be sealed. In this way the clamps provide the desired seal.



Techniparts supplies custom cut gaskets – plate – seals! From single pieces to large series, original or alternative.

We only work with high-quality gasket materials that are asbestos-free and based on aramid fiber, glass fiber or synthetic fiber bonded with rubber.

Because we use the most modern cutting machines, you never have to pay additional costs for cutting dies. This quickly saves you tens of euros!

The materials for gaskets that we offer at Techniparts are:

  • Gasket Rubber ( NBR – Viton – Epdm – SBR )
  • Rubber cork Gasket
  • Felt Gasket / Felt Washer / Felt Rings
  • Oil paper packing material
  • Asbestos-free fiberboard / sheet gasket
  • PTFE / Teflon Seal
  • Hard fiber (celleron) and hard paper (pertinax)
  • Graphite Nail Plate
  • Fiber
  • Mica

Brands original or alternative:

  • Novus « 10, 20, 26, 30, 34, 45, 48, 49. Uniflon 50, 51, 53
  • Selecta « 280, 437, 470, 569
  • AV 100, 200, 300, 400 1000 Multiblau
  • Slade «Pakking / flenspakking / Gaskets
  • Utex « pakkingen / Gasket
  • Tesnit « flenspakking BA, BAR, BAU, BAGL, BACF, BAX, BAM, 50, 55, 220, 203, 300, 6000, U, GL, CF, N, C, R, E, SF, HF, X, 5D, R200, R203.
  • Overig: Garlock «, Burgmann Industries GmbH & Co. KG. «, Siem «, Spetech «, James Walker «, Tesnit Donit «, Teadit «, Flexitallic «, A.W. Chesterton Co. «, Montero «, Novus «, Beldam Crossley «, IDT «, Inmarco«.

Our factory has the most modern cutting machines for every type of (alternative) gasket. Gaskets find their way into all industries; machine building, hydraulics, pneumatics, horticulture, greenhouses, drive, drives, engine, motors, chemical, gas, oil industry, steam installations, windmills, gaskets

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