Circlips & Seeger rings

Techniparts has circlips in different materials.


Circlips / Seeger rings

Type A Din 471 and J Din 472

Dimensions Type A (Op As te monteren)

From 3 mm t/m 600 mm

Dimensions Type J (To assemble inside house )

From 8 mm t/m 600 mm

Surface protection: phosphated and oiled, or blackened and oiled.

Material: spring steel; Ck 75 of C 75, stainless steel; X 35 Cr Mo 17, tin-bronze; Cu Sn 8.

Circlips DIN 471 and DIN 472 are the most versatile locking elements for axles and housings. They transmit large axial forces from the pressing machine part to the groove wall. The circlip rings can also be used at very high speeds.

Also available: DIN 983, DIN 6799, DIN 988, DIN 984, DIN 5417, DIN 7993, Tru Arc 5108, Circlips Seeger type : G, KS, ZA, ZJ, RA, H, AL, JL, JB, SP, SW, SB, RW, RB

Applications: machine construction, vehicle construction, gears, electrical engineering, precision engineering, equipment construction.

We have many more circlips in our program. Ask for our documentation.

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