Chevron Seal

Techniparts has different types of stacking sets from brands.


Chevron Set – Roof Collar – Vee Pack Seal – Metric – Inch

Chevron Set – Roof sleeve – Vee Pack Seal for sealing pistons, piston rods in hydraulic cylinders. A stacking set – chevron set – roof sleeve – vee pack seal consists of a pressure ring, between v sleeves of canvas and/or nbr – viton rubber and a support ring. They are often used in adjustable and non-adjustable grooves.

The height and structure of a stacking set – chevron Set – roof collar – vee pack seal can be determined by yourself. Standard formulations have proven themselves in certain circumstances.

Materials: Rubber NBR Viton – Canvas Fabric – Ptfe – Teflon – UHMW PE – PU Polyurethane –

Applications : Hydraulic cylinders in the metalworking industry, shipbuilding, hydraulic presses, scrap shears, hydraulic cylinders, road and hydraulic engineering, locks, agriculture, forklifts, cranes, construction machines. mining, water hydraulics, underwater cylinders.

Brands stacking sets roof shape cuffs chevron sets :

  • Chevron set roof form collar Hallite HH « Hydraulic Seal Type: 51, 52
  • Materials Hallite « Rod seals Rod Seals : NBR, Polyurethane, PUR, Polyester, Ptfe, Teflon, Red, Blue, Black

  • Chevron set Roof Form Veepac Trelleborg Sealing Solutions ® (formerly Busak & Shamban ®). Polypac seals: VEEPAC CH / G1 / G5. TSS seals: PUR / PE, UHMWPE for ceramic shafts / rods.
  • Working Materials / Compounds Trelleborg Sealing Solutions ® ( formerly Busak & Shamban ® ) UHMWPE ( ZURCON ) : Z80. PUR ( ZURCON ) : T51, T52, Z20 NBR/NBR-Cotton, FKM/FKM-Cotton, POM, ARAMID/FKM

  • Stacking set roof form collar dachman sketch Freudenberg Simrit CFW «; TFW, V1000,
  • Material Merkel Freudenberg Simrit CFW « Stacking sets of roof collars dachmanchet: Fabric, PU, Polyurethane, Ptfe, Teflon, Canvas, NBR, Viton, HNBR, 95auv149, 95auv925, 95 auv 149, 95 auv 925. Disogrin

  • Stacking set roof form collar Eriks RX Merkel « : E1, E2, E3, ES, ESV
  • Material Eriks RX Stacking set roof form collar « : NBR, Viton «, FKM, FPM, Epdm, PU, AU, Polyurethane, Brass, Stainless Steel, Ptfe.

  • Chevron set roof form collar Rod Seal, Joint de Tige polypack, Stangendichtung SSI Polypac « Sealtech « : CH, CH1, CH2,
  • Materials SSI Polypac « Sealtech « Stacking set of roof form sleeves, Rod Seal, Joint de Tige polypack, Stangendichtungen: NBR, HNBR, FPM, Epdm, Viton, Ptfe, Polyurethane, PUR, Canvas, AU, HDPE, PA, PF, PBTP, White, Green, Black, Brown.


  • Rod Seal Chevron set roof form collar dachmanschetten Parker « ( PDF) Prõdifa Hydraulics Type: M0, M1, M2, M3, M5, Seal, gasket.
  • Work materials Parker « ( PDF) Prõdifa Rod Seals : NBR, Polyurethane, Viton, HNBR, Ptfe, Canvas, Rubber, FKM, FPM, Black, Brown, Green

  • Dachmanschetten dichtzats Chevron set dakmanchet V-Packing stangendichtung Hunger «: DMD 1, DMD 2, DMD3, DMD 9.
  • Ingredients Hunger « Rod seals Stangendichtungen: NBR, PU, Ptfe, POM Plastic, PA 6, PA-CF, UHMW PE, PEEK, Hytrel, Yellow, Red.

  • Stacking set roof form sleeve shaft seal Rod Seal Evco «:
  • Material Evco « Shaft seals: Ptfe, Teflon, PU Polyurethane, AU, NBR

  • Chevron set roof form sleeve rod seal Dichtomatik «: 01, S01, SN 05 S05
  • Work fabric Dichtomatik « Rod seals Stacking set roof form sleeve : NBR Rubber 90 30 06 (903006), Epdm, PUR TPU 95 34 01 (953401) Poly-urethane Ptfe, Canvas, Teflon bronze graphite, Colours; blue, black

  • Piston rod Rod seal Stacking set roof shape sleeve Hecker GSM « :
  • Materials Rod seals Rod Seals Hecker Werke GSM «: Rubber, NBR, Ptfe, PU, AU, Gi.

  • Piston rod seal chevron set roof shape cuff dachmanchet Stacking set James Walker Lionsele « : Twinset, Lowfilm HD, Lionsele G, U-ring, W3.
  • Materials James Walker « Rod Seals Chevron set dachmanschette: NBR, Polyurethane, PU, Canvas,

  • V-Pack rod seal, suction seal, rod seal, piston seal, single acting, double acting Claron «: PV, PVM, EGS
  • Material Claron « Rod seals Stacking set roof form sleeve Rod Seals: NBR 70 shore, NBR 90 shore, AU, Polyurethane.

  • Chevron set roof form seal SKF CR Economos Seal Jet« :
  • Working materials SKF Economos Sealjet « Chevron sets roof form sleeves: Ecopur, H, G, T, X, S, XH, XS Ecopur, TPU, CPU, NBR, HNBR, Green, red, blue, black, grey.

  • Rod Chevronset roof collar gasket Rod Seal Guarnitec Technotex Technolan « :
  • Material Guarnitec Technotex « Chevron set roof collar Rod Seal: AU, PU, NBR, Rubber

  • Rod Cuff Rod Seal Kastas « :
  • Werkstof Kastas « Rod Stacking set roof collar, Rod Seals: PU, NBR, Steel, Polyurethane, Rubber.

  • Rod Seal DLI « :
  • DLI materials « Chevron sets roof collars: NBR, Cotton, TPU, Polyester, Canvas.

  • Stacking set roof collar Rod Seal Steli Stelo Angst and Pfister « :
  • Working material Angst and Pfister Stacking set roof collar « : Nitrile NBR, PUR AU, Teflon Ptfe.

  • Rod Seal Vee Pack JM Clipper (Johns Manville) «
  • Materials JM clipper (Johns Manville) « Rod Seal : FPM, NBR, Fabric, Canvas

Applications: Hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic press, steering cylinder, single acting agricultural cylinders, Spring cylinder, Hydraulik, Pneumatik, double acting underwater cylinder, telescopic cylinder, Shipbuilding, telescopic cylinder, Crane, Earthmoving, Excavator, Atlas, O&K, Neuson, Volvo , Fiat, Fuchs, Hitachi, JCB, Caterpillar.

Cylinder factories: Bosch Rexroth, ABS, Buter, Wassenaar, Uniparts Kavee, WDH, Montan, Evergreen, Vremac, Hõnchen, Eaton, Hydrowa, Parker, Hydropa, Intergral, ASI, Staudt, Oudshoorn, Weber, Enerpac, A4, HyLu, Flexion , Festo, Parker, Norgren, Asco Joucomatic, Emerson, Norgren, Camozzi, Metal Work, SMC.

All brands at a glance: Hallite, Kaco, Trelleborg Busak – Shamban, Merkel, Polypac, Hunger, Evco, Dichtomatik, Hecker, James Walker, JM Clipper, , Claron, Economos Seal Jet, Guarnitec, Parker Prõdifa PDF, Kastas, DLI, Angst & Pfister, Eriks RX, Poly-pak, Sealtech, Vota, Hercules, Snijders, Hercules, Polypack, Sealparts, Utex SF SSF ASF CV, dachmanschet dachmanschetten.

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