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Techniparts has a wide range of bearing seals. The Cellasto seal PU Polyurethane sealing ring CD**GE/SK is intended as an additional seal for rod ends. Ordering is simple and fast via our website. If you want to see our stock of cellasto seals, click on the link.


What do you use Bearing / Cellasto Seals for?

Radial spherical bearings and rod ends are always used in rocking or tilting movements. These Movements must be accommodated between a rod/axle and its connection. Or when the position of the shaft is not completely perpendicular to the luminaire or installation.

Lubrication of bearings

High performance radial bearings require regular lubrication. Bearings with PTFE can be used maintenance-free.

Contamination of the bearings leads to increased wear of the sliding surface and ultimately to failure of the bearing. You can prevent this by using the correct sealing ring. Cellasto seals (CD) have proven themselves for many years as an extremely suitable seal for radial bearings.

The cellular polyurethane (PU) has excellent physical properties. Such as a low permanent hardening and a correspondingly high resilience. But also good cold elasticity plus a high resistance to oil, grease and petrol.

DIN/ISO 12240-1

There is a suitable Cellasto seal for almost all radial bearings in accordance with DIN/ISO 12240-1, dimension series E.

The dimensions of radial bearings are laid down in the DIN/ISO 12240-1 standard. Depending on the working pressure of the bearing, there is a choice of steel on steel bearings or hard Chrome on Plastic (PTFE Telfon).


We supply Cellasto Seals (CD) in quality MH 24-45 (density = 450 kg / m3). Harder or softer gaskets are also available on request.

To ensure that the bearings are constantly sealed, the seals must be pre-tensioned before fitting. Here the compression should reach a maximum of 35%. In the next operation, the seals can then be subjected to approximately 70% compression.

Cellasto toepassing

The cellasso seal

Cellasto has a partially open cell structure. As a result, the oil or fat is impregnated. As a result, it serves as a lubricant storage for longer lubrication intervals.

Due to the relatively large sealing surface (as opposed to the single “line termination” of O-rings) and their very strong gaskets made of this material, they remain fully effective even under the most severe conditions (e.g. tractors and construction equipment).

They are compressible up to 80%. Therefore, very large oscillating movements remain possible. Such as can be found, for example, in radial spherical plain bearings.

When using Cellasto seals as a seal, it is possible to increase the tolerances considerably. This is because their compressibility guarantees an effective seal.

The easy deformation allows quick and easy assembly, even in the most difficult cases.

The low compression set guarantees a long service life. Even at high distortion frequencies, which is enhanced by its resistance to oils and greases.

Gaskets impregnated with oil and grease allow automatic lubrication of bearings and increase the sealing force against dust, etc.


-20 ° C – 80 ° C, (temporarily also 100 ° C)

BASF former Elastogran

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