Tank Truck Couplings


Tank Truck Couplings

Tank truck couplings are available in different materials, namely brass, stainless steel and plastic. You also have a choice of different coupling sizes. These often consist of an assembly of various parts. You will also find individual parts and complete sets with us. If you are looking for the seals for the Tank Truck Couplings, please contact us for a non-binding offer. Also take a look at our website at Tank Truck Couplings.


A tank truck coupling is one of the few couplings that has a non-symmetrical system. The advantage of this is that the couplings do not come loose when vibrations arise from driving. That is why this coupling is very suitable for the application. In addition, the TW coupling is extremely suitable for transporting petroleum, liquids, compound feeds and bulk transport.

What is a Tank Truck Coupling?

TW couplings have a non-symmetrical locking lever system, which prevents disconnection in case of vibrations. This makes the TW coupling a widely used coupling in the petroleum industry, for example for unloading tankers. The female connector has a latch, ring and lever. Making it fit perfectly on the male part. The two claws ensure that the locking ring is rotated, creating a tight and leak-free connection.


Transport of liquids, gases and granules.

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