Suction and Discharge Hoses

Techniparts has Suction and Pressure hoses in different sizes.


PVC flexible suction and pressure hose

The Tonda extremeflex hose is available in 14 different sizes. These hoses are suitable for medium industrial applications. The suction hoses and pressure hoses are suitable for transporting and sucking up industrial water, slurry and other heavy and medium duty applications. These hoses are mainly used in the agricultural sector, industrial sector, transport sector (tank trucks) and shipping. Think of pumping up fertilizers or other liquids, for example, but they are also used for extracting dust or air from machines, for example. The Tonda Extremeflex hoses are of high quality.

The differences between suction hoses and pressure hoses are very large. But the Tonda Extremeflex hose is equipped with a spiral for reinforcement and can be used as a suction and pressure hose. This spiral prevents the hose from being squeezed/sucked together as soon as a large vacuum is applied to the hose. Because the hose also has excellent tear protection, it is also extremely suitable for overpressure of 6 bar (working pressure), so that it can also be used as a pressure hose.

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