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Food hose

What is a Food hose?
PVC spiral hose for food, transparent with impact-resistant white spiral – very smooth inner wall for optimum flow and cleaning – DEHP-free, food quality in accordance with EC 10/2011 CE A-B-C and EC 1935. PVC suction and discharge hose with steel spiral. Suitable for suction and light pressure applications where a food grade hose is required. Ideal for drinking water, dirty water, liquid manure, light chemicals, fruit juices, wine and alcoholic beverages up to 20%.

What are food hoses used for?
These flexible hoses are widely used in industry, aquariums, model making, for medical applications such as administering medicines and also for food applications. The hose is very suitable as a hose for beer installation. You can also come here for hoses for the food industry. The feeding hose meets the FDA standard and all other strict standards.

Buy food hoses?
The Techniparts webshop also sells Food Hoses. There is a choice of various sizes. From 3 mm to an inner size of 102 mm. Techniparts has it all. Also take a look at our links.

Laboratory hose

What is a Lab Hose?
Laboratory hoses are mainly made of silicone, neoprene, nitrile, viton, natural rubber and various other rubber and plastics, depending on the use and the media to be passed through, such as liquids and gases. The hoses have been developed to last for a long time and with the lowest possible throughput resistance. In addition, the hoses are flexible so that the connection of the hoses to various equipment can be carried out simply and reliably. Techniparts currently only supplies the Cristallo PVC Mono extruded hoses that are produced with phthalates-free soft PVC in food grade.

Buy laboratory hose?
The Techniparts webshop also sells laboratory hose. There is a choice of various sizes. Techniparts has it all. Also take a look at our links.

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