Fire hoses

Fire hoses are the most effective way to fight fire. This makes the fire hose on a roll suitable for use in industry, construction, offshore and refineries.
Because of the different NOK dimensions and different lengths, there is always a product that suits your requirements. Fire hoses 4 inches are in demand.
The material of our hoses, namely PVC and polyester, makes the hose durable, wear-resistant and flexible. The fire hoses are also resistant to oil, chemicals and UV radiation. In addition, this hose is flat when not in use. This makes it easy to store the hose in, for example, a fire hose cabinet and the hose is relatively lightweight. A popular size is the 4 inch hose. They can also be used as water pump hoses.


WHITE complete – ECO

NBR/PVC inner wall with a braided outer wall.
Ideal as a traditional CONSTRUCTION HOSE (for construction sites)
Due to the woven outer wall, the hose is stronger and can withstand a higher working pressure /- 8 bar
As a result, it also has a better drag value, which means that it is more wear-resistant on the outer wall.

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RED – Standard

Standardized fire hose with an anti-fungal PU layer
This layer makes it wear-resistant and mold-free, which means that if they roll it up, the hose will not rot on the fire truck if they do not use it for a year, for example.
Working pressure is +/- 12 bar

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BLACK – Abrasion Resistant

Very wear-resistant NBR/PVC hose for both water/oil and compressed air (25% lower working pressure with compressed air)
Due to the wear-resistant ribbing on the outer wall, it is very suitable for dragging.
The hose has a large tractive force, so it is also extremely suitable as a hose for towing on the land behind the tractor, for example.
Working pressure /- 16 Bar

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