Different types of

Below you will find a number of examples of hoses that we sell:


Are you looking for a hose to properly insulate certain products against the heat? View our range of protection hoses. We have many different types of protective hoses, all of which have different specifications.


Techniparts sells chemical hoses in all diameters and lengths. These hoses can be used for the safe transport of chemical substances.

Gas hoses

Techniparts also offers gas hoses. If you are looking for a gas hose you can buy it here. The gas hose complies with ISO 3821. The gas hose has strong synthetic textile layers. Any desired length of the gas hose is available for you.

Hot water & Steam

Steam and hot water hoses with high working pressure and steam hoses with low working pressure. Techniparts offers 2 types of steam hoses for your steam installation. Take a quick look at our range


Techniparts also sells air hoses. There is a choice of various sizes and materials. Techniparts has it all. Also take a look at our links.


Are you looking for marine hoses? Then Techniparts is the right place for you! We sell marine hoses in the following materials:

  • Antibacterial Butyl Rubber
  • EPDM
  • PE
  • PVC

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