Techniparts has an extensive range of couplings such as Camlock, Geka, Storz and Tank truck couplings.

Camlocks are one of the most popular flexible couplings in the industry for quickly connecting and disconnecting hose connections. The Camlock system consists of a mother part “couper” and the father part “adaptor”. When both parts are pushed together and the handles of the main part are closed, a leak-free connection is created. This unique quick-closing mechanism is resistant to vibrations, pulsating pressures and dragging movements, among other things.

A Storz coupling is mainly used to connect hoses to each other or to fixed fittings. The Storz couplings are very suitable for hoses that can be rolled up flat. A Storz coupling is mainly used by the fire brigade in many European countries (Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Israel and Greece), but also for industrial applications.

Dairy Couplings
Dairy coupling, also called a milk coupling, is a screw coupling with coarse round thread. A dairy coupling has been developed to establish connections between a dairy pipe and a dairy hose. Nowadays, the couplings are not only used in the dairy industry, but also in the dairy, beverage, food and luxury food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, among others. The coupling consists of a welding wire piece, welding tip piece, swivel and additionally a sealing ring.

Tank truck coupling
Tank truck couplings are available in different materials, namely brass, stainless steel and plastic. You also have a choice of different coupling sizes. These often consist of an assembly of various parts. You will also find individual parts and complete sets with us. If you are looking for the seals for the Tank Truck Couplings, please contact us for a non-binding offer.

Geka clutch
A geka coupling, also known as a claw coupling, is a fast, solid and leak-tight way to connect two hoses together for the passage of water. Geka couplings have two claws: the metal or plastic “claws” on one hose hook behind the metal or plastic edge of the other hose.

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